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Rev up Your Engines with Non-QM Closed End Second Mortgages
Now Available!

Close more loans and allow your borrowers to tap into their equity with our Non-QM Closed-End Second Mortgage!

Non-QM Closed-End Second Mortgages can be a great way for borrowers to access their home equity without affecting their first mortgage. These loans are not subject to the same strict lending requirements as Qualified Mortgages (QMs), making them more accessible to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit or Non-Traditional income documentation. Let Forward Lending help your clients get to the finish line!

Program Highlights:

  • Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance, and Cash-Out Available
  • Fixed 15- & 30-year Rates Available
  • Credit Scores down to 660
  • Loan Amounts to $500,000
  • Full Doc – Max CLTV 90%
  • Alt Doc & DSCR – Max CLTV 85%
  • Eligible as 2nd lien only
  • Fully disbursed at closing, no draw feature
  • Minimum loan amount $100,000
  • No reserve requirements on stand-alone seconds
  • Cash out – Up to 90% CLTV Full Doc
  • Cash out – Up to 85% CLTV Alt Doc & DSCR
  • 80% CLTV Cash Out Refinance on Investment
  • 75% CLTV Cash Out Refinance on DSCR
  • Owner Occ., 2nd Home and Investment Properties 
  • ITIN, One Year Self Employed and DSCR available.
Please contact your Account Executive for more information.
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