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1-0 and 2-1 Buydowns are Here!

On FNMA, VA, FHA and Fast100 DPA Loans Loans

High Balance and FNMA HomeReady Available!

Reach more clients with our 1-0 and 2-1 Buydown!

Good on VA, FNMA, and FHA* Loans

High Balance and FNMA HomeReady available

Program Highlights

  • 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Primary Residences only
  • Single Family Residences, PUD and Condos
  • VA, FNMA, FHA and Fast 100 DPA
  • High Balance available (except Fast 100)
  • FNMA HomeReady option available
  • Purchase Transactions only
  • Term: 24 months (2-1)
  • Term: 12 months (1-0), not available on Fast 100
  • Borrower(s) are Qualified off Note Rate not buydown rate
  • Buydown cost is paid by Seller/Builder concessions
  • Seller Concessions are different by loan program, check your matrix or speak with your Account Executive.    

Take advantage of offering this 2-1 and 1-0 Buydown program to your clients! Restrictions apply so contact your Account Executive for more details

Take advantage of our 2-1 Buydown Program to help clients with a reduced rate for the first two years of their loan.  For a 1-0 Buydown the borrower enjoys a 1% reduction only on the first year.  Good on VA, FNMA, and FHA loans!

This is a great incentive for buyers to enjoy a temporary rate reduction on their interest rate all while getting into the home they want. Talk with your AE about this program.

Temporary Buydown Calculator

Available to assist in understanding the buydown monthly payment for our buydown programs.

Please contact your Account Executive for more information.

How does a Buydown work?

Pretty simple. For the 2-1 Buydown for example, the Borrower enjoys a reduced interest rate for the first year of the loan and a slightly higher rate for the second year. The rate then goes up to the full rate on the third year for the life of the loan. For a 1-0 Buydown the borrower enjoys a 1% reduction only on the first year. 
A seller can pay for the buydown. The payment is made in the form of mortgage points or a lump sum in escrow account and used to subsidize the borrower’s reduced monthly payments.

In the event the loan is paid off prior to the temporary buydown period, the temporary buydown funds held in the escrow account will be credited on the borrower’s payoff demand. 

What are the benefits of Buydown?

It may help some borrowers afford a larger mortgage and more expensive home. Plus it buys them some time before their mortgage payments rise to the full rate which can help if their income is also rising from year to year.
Your advantage is that it helps you provide an incentive to more borrowers who may not have thought about using this program. Thus, reaching more clients. Its a win-win!

How to get started with a Buydown?

If you are an approved Broker with Forward Lending, contact your Account Executive.

If you aren’t yet approved, get approved:

*Not available on Manually Underwritten loans for FHA. Restrictions apply. 


No Speed Limits here.  Your Forward Lending TPO submission portal reduces days to close by being fast and efficient. 

  • Get on the Forward Lending TPO Track and find out why our portal LAPS the others. 
  • Get Pricing immediately on our Prime and Non-QM Programs. 
  • Run Credit, DU/LP separately or at the same time. 
  • Run Credit, DU/LP separately or at the same time. 
  • Disclose your loan immediately or Quick Submit, up to you. 

We keep you on time, on track, and ready to close!

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