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This Bank Statement Review Form is encouraged for all bank statement programs.

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We will calculate your bank statement income or help you structure your loan. For Non-QM – Bank Statement Calculations Only – complete the top three sections of the form and submit it along with your most recent required bank statements.

Most responses are completed within 24 hours when complete information is supplied. Check out our Non-QM Rates. Learn more about our Non-QM programs.  

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Bank Statements Review is not a mortgage application, mortgage approval, or guarantee of funding. A complete application must be submitted, and underwriting is required for final approval

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Borrowers with less than 1 year of Self-Employment history will not be considered.

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Forward Lending can assign a standard expense factor unless there's a specific expense factor that can be applied.
Please share any income concerns or questions you may have and include other helpful information that will assist in us more accurately calculating the bank statements.