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California Dreamin'
CalHFA Dream For All Loan Program Coming Soon
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New Program Funds Available soon for 2024

Program Details:

Down Payment Assistance to 20% of the Home Purchase Price.

  • Down Payment Assistance to 20% (or up to $150K) the lesser of Home Purchase Price or Appraised Value
  • At least one borrower must be a first-generation homebuyer, be a current California resident
  • All borrowers must be First Time Home Buyers
  • Income Limits apply, review the Dream for All Handbook.
  • Must be U.S. citizens or qualified residents
  • CLTV must be between 95% to 105%
  • Available in California only
  • Homebuyer education required
  • Owner Occupied Properties
  • Co-signors must Occupy Property

Learn More at the CalHFA Dream for All site.

Steps to Secure Funds for Your Borrower:


Click here for additional information from the CalHFA website

CalHFA Dream For All Loan FAQs

Q. What is the CalHFA Dream For All Loan Program?
A. The Dream For All Loan is a loan program that provides loans for a down payment to qualified first-time homebuyers. Upon sale or transfer of the home, the homebuyer repays the original down payment loan, plus a share of the appreciation in the value of the home. Those repayments are then used to fund future homebuyer down payments.

Q. Does CalHFA allow borrowers to make payments on the Dream For All Loan?
A. Yes, however payments are applied to the principal balance only and do not affect the shared appreciation portion. However paying off the principal balance in full will trigger the repayment of the shared appreciation portion.

Q. What is the Maximum loan amount for the Dream For All Loan?
A. The maximum loan amount is up to $150,000 or 20% of the sales price or appraised value, whichever is less.

Q. What is the minimum CLTV?
A. The CLTV must be between 95%.00% and 105.00%

For additional Information on the Dream for All Loan Program visit THE California Housing Finance Agency Page Loan Program Handbook for Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Non-Profits | CalHFA or their FAQ Page CalHFA Dream For All Share Appreciation Loan Program Frequently Asked Questions

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