Lock in your Non-QM Rate with our Pre-Lock Service

Pre-lock up to 30 or 45 days for Non-QM Programs!

Pre-Lock today, here's how:

Important Information:

  • NanQ/Non-QM Pre-Locks may be locked for 30 or 45 days. 
  • 30-Day Non-QM Pre-Locks are eligible for lock extension up to of 15 days at cost.
  • Non-QM Pre-Locks must be Submitted to Underwriting within 10 calendar days, or the Pre-Lock will be canceled.
  • All 45-day Non-QM locks are at a 50bp cost and are not eligible for lock extensions
  • All Non-QM Locks that expire will be subject to a 25bp Relock Fee and Worse Case Pricing
  • Non-QM Pre-Locks offered until 12/31/22

Check in with your Account Executives with questions. 

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